Jun 04

Protoform Cadillac ATS-V.R 190mm bodyshell


New from Protoform comes the Cadillac ATS-V.R 190mm touring car bodyshell. The full-scale counterpart is the third generation of V-Series race cars and built to international FIA GT3 specifications with the Protoform body being officially licensed, offering ultra-realistic looks for racing in classes such as USGT, GT10, and Spec Grand Touring. The 2-door coupe race body is formed from genuine .030″ Lexan and it includes injection-molded wing struts to support a unique rear wing design. The wing features two different levels of trim, a 10mm vertical section for sanctioned USGT racing and a 20mm upper laid-back trim for club racing, making the body suitable to any kind of GT-class rules.


ProtoformCadillacATSVR-2 ProtoformCadillacATSVR-3 ProtoformCadillacATSVR-4


source: http://www.redrc.net/2015/06/protoform-cadillac-atx-v-r-190mm-bodyshell/